How to Combine Two Companies in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • In different situations QuickBooks users might desire to combine two company files into one. The option to combine two QuickBooks files into one, however, might not be available. Combining two different company files is not possible because each company file is distinct and specific. A few pathways, however, can help users to merge QuickBooks data in two company files.

    What data cannot merge in QuickBooks software?

    Whether you use QuickBooks Enterprise or some other third-party software to merge the company files, it is impossible to merge every data type. The list of accounting data that cannot be combined into the QuickBooks program is as follows:

    • If your company file contains negative inventory, QuickBooks won't merge it.
    • QuickBooks or other programs won't be able to merge group items if you changed them after using them.
    • Payroll stubs also cannot be merged.
    • After being used, updated sales tax items cannot be combined.
    • Merging attachments is not possible.
    • Transferring templates from one company file to another will not be possible with a straightforward merge process. You must complete the merging and manually import the templates into the new file in order to transfer templates.
    • Data from customer fields and the customer's to-do list cannot be combined.
    • Reports on bank reconciliation.
    • Reports that were memorized cannot be combined.
    • Because users did not merge, you will need to add them again to the company file.
    • Forecasts and budgets also cannot be combined.

    Easy procedure to Merge Two QuickBooks Files

    To combine two QuickBooks company files in QuickBooks desktop, you should follow the instructions listed below.

    • In your QuickBooks program, select the Reports
    • Select the option that states Combine Reports from Multiple Companies.

    • Thereafter, opt for the Add Files
    • After choosing the Company file, click the Open

    • Replicate the aforementioned steps to choose a different company file.
    • From the drop-down box, choose Select reports for combining.
    • You can choose which reports to combine.
    • Select a date in the area for the date range now.
    • After choosing a report base, click Combine Reports in Excel.
    • A sheet containing the combined data set will appear over your screen.

    Steps for Report Merging in QuickBooks Company File

    Reports from the QuickBooks Company File may be integrated using Excel. The 'Combine' tool is one way to combine QuickBooks company files. The data can also be manually exported to achieve that. Here are the actions to take:

    • For the first company file you open, write a report.
    • After exporting the report, save it in your Excel spreadsheet.
    • Make the same report in the second file as well by opening it.
    • Export the updated report to a new Excel sheet after saving it.
    • Open Workbook and MS Excel, and manually combine the two reports.
    • Make a copy of the worksheet for safety.


    We hope that should be able to combine two company files after reading this article thoroughly. You should contact our 24X7 QuickBooks desktop support professionals via our helpline i.e., 1-800-615-2347 for assistance if you require expert guidance or in case if you run into any problems while completing the procedures in this article.