How Fix QuickBooks Error code 6123, 0 ?

  • QuickBooks has changed the world of accounting into a much simpler form. It can take over manual accounting activities with its stunning features. But every great thing comes with flaws, and in the case of QuickBooks, flaws are its errors. And in this blog, we will talk about one of the errors called QuickBooks error 6123 and how you can resolve this error quickly.

    What is QuickBooks error 6123?

    When the software QuickBooks faces obstacles opening the company file, QuickBooks error 6123 eventuates. The error appears on the screen stating, “Problem Connecting to Server.” This also comes to our eyes when we tend to restore the backup of the software’s company files.

    Causes and Symptoms of QuickBooks error 6123

    The primary causes of getting this error are:

    ● When you use any external device to restore the program.

    ● An antivirus is stopping the program from running correctly.

    ● Company files of QuickBooks are corrupted or damaged.

    ● More than one QuickBooks database service is running in your operating system.

    ● Your Windows user and QBW files are inimical.

    ● A firewall causes obstruction when you’re trying to open the company files.

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    The symptoms showing when QuickBooks error 6123 is:

    ● A pop-up will come onto your screen with error code 6123, 0 and a message saying that QuickBooks cannot open the company files.

    ● The software will not respond to any command.

    ● Your operating system will reduce its speed.

    ● Every input given to your system by the keyboard or mouse will decelerate.

    ● QuickBooks will continue to crash frequently.

    4 Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6123

    Method 1: Rectify this error by using the QuickBooks tool hub.

    Method 2: Use Quick fix my program

    Method 3: Fix the name of the company file

    Method 4: Generate a new Window user.


    We hope our blog has provided you with all the awareness about QuickBooks error 6123 and that you can fix this error all by yourself. However, if any of these methods didn’t work out for you and it’s still annoying, then feel free to contact us at +1-800-615-2347. Our trained and experienced QuickBooks technicians will help you fix this error.