QuickBooks Display Issues on Windows 10 - How to Fix It?

  • If you use QuickBooks for several months, you might frequently encounter a number of software display issues on the desktop version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks' Windows black and white screen is one of them. This causes several of the QuickBooks desktop fields to start showing black instead of white. Other indicators, such as a grey screen in QuickBooks, missing symbols, grayish lines in invoices from QuickBooks, etc., can assist you in locating this issue. You can lose your vital business data as a result because of a corrupt system, which may be the cause. The QuickBooks screen turning black and white issue, however, can also be caused by a number of other factors. The next part will examine some potential reasons why QuickBooks turned black and white.

    How Come My QuickBooks Screen Is Turning Black And White?

    Are you oblivious to the reason why QuickBooks' screen goes black and white? It typically happens after prolonged use of the QB desktop. As a result, QuickBooks' grey screen appears in several of its fields. Another explanation is issues with the computer system or the QB software. But a number of additional things can cause the QuickBooks to end up going black and white issue. All such potential reasons of the QuickBooks Black and White Screen issue are listed below: 

    • The issue arises because out-of-date video drivers are incompatible with QB. 
    • The screen resolution is not properly configured. 
    • an out-of-date version of QuickBooks. 
    • Any QuickBooks update that is installed incorrectly results in the black and white QuickBooks desktop issue. 
    • Not properly optimized for screen resolution according to specifications. 
    • The issue can also be brought on by a graphics card, firmware, or system memory malfunction. 
    • You must follow the troubleshooting steps outlined below after becoming aware of the possible causes of the issue that the QuickBooks screen is black and white.

    Methods To Resolve QuickBooks Black and White Screen Issue

    Method 1: Use the Quick Fix my Program Tool to Resolve the QuickBooks Black and White Screen Issue 

    • Install the QuickBooks Tools Hub on your computer. 
    • Close QuickBooks if it's open. 
    • Save the QuickBooks Tool Hub file where you can readily locate it after downloading it. 
    • Open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file after it has been downloaded. 
    • Follow the instructions on-screen and accept the terms and conditions to finish the installation. 
    • The QuickBooks Tool Hub icon will show up on the desktop upon installation. 
    • It can be clicked to launch the application. 
    • To resolve the QuickBooks black and white issue, use Quick Fix my Program

    • Open the QuickBooks Tools Hub and select Program Issues. 
    • In order to resolve the QuickBooks black and white screen issue, choose Quick Fix my Programs. 
    • If QuickBooks is still giving you black bars, try the following technique. 

    Method 2: The Most Recent Version of the Video Card Drivers Must be Installed

    • Open the Run window by pressing Windows + R to begin updating video card drivers. 
    • You need to type dxdiag into the text field in the Run command window after it has opened. 
    • Press Enter, then choose Dialog 1. List the Manufacturer and Model. 
    • Then, download the required updates.


    If you're still perplexed about why your QuickBooks screen has turned black and white even after properly going through each method, keep reading! Call us at +1-800-615-2347 to speak with customer service. The QB support team will extensively investigate any display issues, including such QuickBooks black and white issues. Get the display back to normal eventually with the aid of a specialist.

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