Find QuickBooks Paystub Password and Print with Stepwise Guide

  • Are you searching for a QuickBooks paystub password so you can access it? You will find the answer here! QuickBooks paystub PDF requires a password for its security. Once you enter the password, you can access the information. So if you’re curious to learn how to find a QuickBooks paystub password, keep reading!


    What & Where to Find the Paystub Password?

    Our employees or you (if an employee) need to enter the paystub password to access the PDF. The PDF file is normally sent in an email. The password includes the first four characters of the last name of the employee; along with the last four digits of the SSN following the characters. Please enter all characters in lower case.


    Print Paystub Using the QuickBooks Paystub Password

    Now that you've learned to find the paystub password, let’s learn how to print pay stub.


    Method 1: Print using the paycheck list

    • Firstly, click on the Employee’s name to pay.
    • Now, in the Employee’s profile section, select Paycheck List.
    • Then, select Checks to Pay.
    • After that, please confirm the check amount. 
    • Locate the drop-down menu to select the Batch Action.
    • Lastly, select the Print option.


    Method 2: Print Paystubs and Vouchers

    • Open Quickbooks. 
    • Head to the menu bar and tap the Edit tab.
    • Now, tap on the Preferences option.
    • Then, under Quickbooks Payroll, go to the Company Preferences.
    • After that, choose "Full Payroll.”
    • Move to the ‘Set Preferences for’ section and select Pay Stub & Voucher Printing.
    • Now tick the option you wish to include in Paystub & Voucher printing.
    • Head to Legal to add the firm name to the paystub.
    • Then, select All Items and press the OK button.

    Please understand that for a selected paycheck, it will print a paystub with selected data automatically. 


    Final Words

    As you can see, tap on the email pdf and enter the QuickBooks paystub password to access it. You can use these two methods to print the paystub. If you need more help or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.