Folomie Egg Containers advantages and How to Care It

  • Folomie Egg Container with Lids for refrigerator with rolling design gives you different fun of taking eggs. When you take out an egg, other eggs behind will roll out in turn immediately. In a soft, comfortable and non-slip interior environment, eggs are no longer afraid of collision with each other.

    This little egg keeper is so much more efficient for me and it makes me happy!! With a quick glance I know exactly how many eggs I have. I like that I can sit something on the top of this egg holder. The eggs roll forward in the tray making them easy to grab and the egg holder is easy to wash.

    But the things that are the game changers for me:

    > I’m not having to remove the carton of eggs from the fridge - just to see how many eggs are available.

    > I no longer have to remove the egg carton from the fridge - in order to grab the eggs I need.

    > I’m no longer needing to move and item from the top of the egg carton - in order to get to the egg carton - so I can get to the eggs.

    Simple and efficient! I LOVE IT!!

    Product care:

    Please use this product with care as they are fragile and can break/scratch especially when it is dropped.

    Do not use abrasive cleaning materials like scouring pad.

    Wipe with damp cloth or hand wash only

    When cleaning the plastic containers with snap lids , wash, rinse and leave out in the open to dry and ensure every bit is dry

    Keeping it fresh: The innovative semi-enclosed design not only provides convenience for your life, but is well ventilated to greatly reduce egg odor, keeping eggs fresher for longer, even in the refrigerator.

    Reasonable size: the perfect solution for egg containers in refrigerators, kitchens, cabinets, tables and dining rooms. Not only suitable for storing eggs, but also for other items that can be rolled down the ramp.

    Folomie offers you plastic kitchen storage containers with lids online in a variety of shapes and different sizes at very low prices. Most of these plastic containers with snap lids come with a lid. If you buy plastic containers with a lid just click