Valorant Weapons Tier List – Best Weapons To Use

  • Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant came in hot when it came to the guns and weapons. Every weapon presents a different kind of gameplay, though some players seem to stick to the meta with their best Vandals. And of course, some weapons will be better than others which promise higher chances of you winning rounds. So here we’ll take a look at the best guns Valorant alongside a Valorant weapons tier list in valorant accounts with skins

    C Tier - Mediocre

    These guns are in the C Tier due to not having any advantages over other weapons on the list. There may be some rare use case scenario where they'll be decent, but players would generally be better served by any of the other guns in the higher tiers.


    The Bulldog will almost always lose to the other Assault Rifles, with its higher recoil, smaller magazine size, and lower overall damage. At a lower cost of 2,050 credits, though, it has the potential to beat other similarly priced guns in early rounds. Aiming down a long lane and waiting for the right moment can catch opponents off guard.


    The Frenzy is not a good gun to use in most cases, and will lose most one-on-one battles. The full-auto accuracy is difficult to control, and coupled with the small magazine size, it can be frustrating to use effectively. During pistol rounds, the more accurate Ghost, which only costs 50 credits more (450 vs 500 credits), would tend to be a much better pick.


    The Ares, at 1600 credits, is a cheaper alternative to the Odin, which costs 3200 credits. They both have a higher-capacity magazine (50 vs 100, respectively). Due to its slower firing rate, however, it will often be beaten by the other higher-tiered assault rifles. Still, it's an okay pick when low on credits or when trying to save those funds for later rounds.


    The Guardian is a fairly expensive choice (at 2,250 credits) in comparison to the other guns. It is the only semi-automatic rifle, so fans may find it difficult to master this playstyle. It does provide a one-hit kill to the head at any range, making it useful at mid to long ranges.

    S Tier - Best

    The guns in the S Tier have historically proven to be the best regardless of the situation. They excel in both offensive and defensive scenarios. They are also the most optimal choice for their relative costs.


    The Operator provides a one-shot kill to the head and body. The Operator is very effective at long-ranged combat and excels on maps with long lines of sight, such as Fracture, Icebox, and Breeze. While being quite expensive at 4,700 credits, it's well worth the investment. The one drawback it has is that the hip-fire accuracy is very bad; however, experienced Valorant players would typically swap to a secondary weapon in those instances.


    The Vandal provides a one-shot kill to the head at any distance, but it's not quite as accurate as the Phantom. The recoil is pretty high, so users need to be taking shots in bursts of 3 to 5 to maintain accuracy on the target. At 2,900 credits, the Vandal is a solid choice at any stage of the game.


    The Phantom is at the top of the list due to its consistent ability to take down targets quickly. When compared to the Vandal, which costs the same amount of credits (2,900), it has a higher rate of fire, better recoil control, a silenced barrel, and a larger magazine. The only downside is its damage fall-off; after 15 meters it will no longer provide a one-shot kill to the head.

    B tier (Reliable)

    Ghost (500 Creds)

    Marshal (950 Creds)

    The Ghost is one of the most reliable guns in the game, despite being a sidearm. It costs 500 Creds, but in the right hands, it has the potential to deal deadly amounts of damage. If you know how to play patiently, bide your time, and aim for the head, the Ghost is the gun for you.

    The Marshal is a weaker version of the Operator, but it’s still an acceptable weapon. If you can’t afford your Vandal or Phantom and you want to force buy, it’s a solid pick-up.


    Coming in close on the A-tier is the Bulldog, Sheriff, and Spectre. These weapons may perform well in a variety of circumstances and may even be argued to be S-tier in their own right. Players may effectively succeed with these firearms at any skill level. Despite the recent nerf to its fire rate, the Bulldog gets a spot on a higher tier because of its updated pricing and its undeniable ability to control mid-range spaces. With the level of use we're seeing inside and outside the pro-scene, we feel at ease classifying these weapons as A-tier.

    There’s the gun tier list for Valorant, filtered by each category. While there are pros and cons to each weapon, this list will better inform your choices as you venture through Future Earth. If you want to know more information or Buy Ranked Valorant Accounts or have valorant account for sale , I recommend visit