Treating post covid brain fog is not an easy task

  • It is unclear how many people have post covid brain fog. Estimates vary widely across studies. Usually because the definition of Long Covid itself varies. But more conservative estimates still have millions of people living with the disease. For some, long covid brain is worse than the original covid-19.

    Symptoms vary widely. Lucas has brain fog, fatigue and depression. He would start to regain his strength, then try light yard work and end up in the hospital with pneumonia. It is unclear which illnesses are caused by prolonged use of the ventilator and which are a mysterious condition known as Long Covid.

    Rick did start working earlier this year, taking short assignments in his old field as a nursing home administrator. But he remains partially disabled. There is absolutely nothing clear about the Long existence of the new coronavirus.

    Researchers like Dicks are trying to determine the root cause of this condition. Some theories include inflammation, autoimmunity, so-called microclots and viral fragments left in the body. Institutions need more money to create regional centers of excellence that bring together doctors from different specialties to treat patients and research therapies, Deeks said.

    Patients say they are desperate and willing to try anything to get back to normal. They often post personal anecdotes online. The National Institutes of Health promises significant progress soon through the RECOVER Initiative involving thousands of patients and hundreds of researchers.

    There is also a lot of argument for post covid brain fog in How Long Will Symptoms Of Brain Fog Last After Being Infected With Covid-19?, and given the broad and varied effects of the virus on the human body, it is unlikely that there is just one cure. It's important that we help everyone find solutions. That is why several clinical trials will be conducted in the coming months.

    Tensions are mounting in the medical community over what appears to be a catch-all approach to treating Long Covid ahead of large clinical trials. Some clinicians are hesitant to try treatments until they are supported by research. Some patients with Long Covid develop POTS, a syndrome that causes them to feel dizzy and have a racing heart when they stand up. Consult LongCovidCareCenter online how to treat these symptoms. For other patients, long post covid brain fog treatment focuses on diet, sleep, meditation, and slowly increasing activity.