What's it like to live with brain fog?

  • With the epidemic of long covid, many people have mixed cognitive dysfunction, which has been bothering patients with certain chronic diseases. But now that a new wave of COVID-19 patients is experiencing it, attention is being drawn to the often debilitating condition.

    Most people who experience prolonged symptoms of coronavirus report long covid brain, a cluster of symptoms including impaired attention, attention, memory and processing speed. six potential causes of cognitive impairment associated with COVID-19 and concluded that a likely common cause is inflammation of the lungs, which leads to inflammation of the brain and subsequent nerve cell dysfunction.

    Patients who have experienced brain fog caused by a variety of conditions say the effects can be life-altering and devastating. They say it keeps them from many activities, such as driving, cycling and public speaking. Some have had to change their work schedules or stop working entirely. Almost all said it forced them to rely on notebooks, keeping to-do lists that included the most basic tasks, like remembering to eat.

    Depending on the underlying cause, brain fog treatments including exercise regimens and cognitive rehabilitation may be available. But no single approach has been proven to work for all patients. Chronic COVID-19 patient complaints, including post covid brain symptoms. People are unanimously grateful for the opportunity to speak with a doctor who understands their symptoms.

    Long Covid brain fog

    Edwin Hall spent 12 days in a medically induced coma in the summer of 2021 from COVID-19, breathing with the help of a ventilator. As his condition improved, but he may have signs of a stroke, although they don't know when it happened. Even now, he struggles with brain fog. If you go to a familiar supermarket, you will get lost, and even forget your purpose of going to the supermarket.

    Some patients even experience memory confusion. After a long coronavirus diagnosis in March, one patient's mind was so cluttered that he had to make detailed to-do lists to get through the day. As silly as it sounds, it includes 'make sure to eat breakfast', 'make sure to feed the dog', 'check the mail', 'do the laundry', 'do the dishes'. He is working with a cognitive therapist who is not covered by insurance to try to treat his impairment.

    How To Get Rid Of Long Covid-19 Brain Fog? demonstrates that even after the symptoms of the initial infection have completely disappeared, human infection with the new coronavirus can produce long-lasting side effects, which we call long COVID-19 symptoms. These coronavirus sequelae are mainly brain fog, fatigue, shortness of breath, chronic pain, loss of smell, loss of taste, early symptoms of Parkinson's disease, early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, and diarrhea. These long symptoms of COVID-19 can have long adverse effects on people's lives and work.

    In the paper, the authors looked at long symptoms of COVID-19 and found that a significant proportion of patients had symptoms of brain fog. This article summarizes the clinical manifestations of brain fog long COVID-19 syndrome and conducts an internal self-assessment to determine whether people are experiencing these symptoms. Then, the pathogenesis of brain fog symptoms caused by long COVID-19 was analyzed, including: the process of COVID-19 infecting human cells, the replication of the virus in human cells causing pyroptosis, the response of the immune system to the virus, and the spread of the virus in the human body . In the human body, the virus invades the brain through the olfactory nerve, the virus invades the brain through the blood-brain barrier, and the virus causes brain neuroinflammation.

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