How to treat headaches caused by covid?

  • Headaches can be caused by a variety of causes, from external impacts, concussions, bacterial and viral brain infections, carbon monoxide poisoning, "chemical" brains, transient ischemic attacks, and COVID-19. In recent years, there have been more and more patients with symptoms such as headaches and brain fog after contracting COVID-19.

    Symptoms improve within weeks for the vast majority of people with posttraumatic headache (PTH); however, for some patients, headaches may persist for months or years. In addition to headaches, these patients may experience a variety of other persistent symptoms, such as brain fog post covid, mood swings or "personality changes," memory problems and difficulty concentrating.

    In PCS patients, the most common types of chronic posttraumatic headaches include tension-type headaches and migraines. If you are experiencing these types of headaches and your doctor has prescribed pain medication to manage the pain, you may find that your headaches do not respond well to the medication.

    The article How Long Will Symptoms Of Headache Last Following COVID-19 Infection? points out that headache is one of the Long COVID-19 syndromes after COVID-19 infection. Long COVID-19 symptoms of headache sometimes appear with initial infection, sometimes delayed for a period of time, manifesting as intermittent or daily chronic headaches. Daily chronic headaches often occur with other Long COVID symptoms, most commonly hyposmia. Chronic headaches are often characterized by daily chronic migraines, or more commonly head tightness, also known as chronic tension headaches.

    While people with PTH often use pain relievers and/or antidepressants to relieve symptoms, SSRIs may exacerbate or cause headaches, and pain relievers may cause rebound headaches. Treating post-traumatic headaches is complex and may require a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, simply seeing a neurologist may not be enough to address your symptoms.

    Living manifestations of chronic COVID-19 headache symptoms and an internal self-assessment to see if people are experiencing these symptoms. Then, analysis of the pathogenesis of coronavirus-induced chronic headaches revealed that persistent activation of the immune system and activation of the trigeminal neurovasculature are considered to be one of the causes of post-COVID-19 headaches. LongCovidCareCenter summarized the treatment ideas of Western medicine for this disease, and found that the current treatment is mainly guided by the existing phenotype guidelines related to primary headache.

    At LongCovidCareCenter, we offer an alternative to medication. We combine exercise and multidisciplinary therapy to address the underlying causes of post-traumatic headaches. Treatment can improve headaches while also addressing many other common, persistent symptoms of head trauma. If you are suffering from brain fog, please contact us in time, we will make detailed post covid brain fog treatment for you and solve your pain in time.