Can A Conference Paper Be Submitted To A Journal?

  • Introduction

    The long-standing motto “Publish or perish” hangs over the minds of scientists that the next step in their research should be to publish in a relevant and reputable journal or book. Conference papers may be published in conference materials, books, online repositories or journals.

    There are a number of full-fledged academic journals that have nothing to do with particular conferences use the word Proceedings in their name – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. In science, the quality of publication in conference reports is not as high as in international scientific journals.

    Journal writing tips

    When writing, moderators should be able to design their contributions they appeal to a particular sect of the audience. When revising a journal article, it is important to prepare the text for a wider audience as more people will read the journal article the conference paper.

    After submitting a paper for the conference and on the basis of audience reviews, the author prepares a formal paper for publication in a journal or book. The contributions should contain all the material published in the proceedings and represent a substantial extension of the results, analyses, conclusions and implications of the conference document. Recent trends in the publication of conference reports calls for caution in subsequent submissions to journals and books.

    When submitting the manuscript, the authors should include details of the proceedings in their submission, including relevant quotations. A related problem relates to the subsequent publication of conference reports and presentations.

    A conference or A journal

    Provided they meet the standards recommended by the publication journal. Some journals have established relationships with certain conferences. Or appear in a specific section of the journal dedicated to the conference. Conference papers are not reviews, therefore the author is obliged to ensure that the article is submitted to a journal that meets the high standards expected of a journal article of the AiaA.

    A convincing argument for new publications may be that journal articles should be expanded. And developed into more refined versions of conference papers. At the very least, the text should be adapted to the needs of journal readers. And the amendments should highlight various aspects of the study that are of scientific value. A journal article should be an extended version of a conference article. With a more complete background, a more detailed project description additional results. Articles published in a search journal are often based on pioneering studies of great importance. And many of them are based on grants from several authors.

    The impact factor is a measure of a journal’s reputation that reflects. And you will find the value of that number. If the work does meet the scope of more than one Nature Research Journal. The choice of journal submitted is entirely up to the author.  It encourages a discussion with one of the Brights students, which can resonate with your experience.


    I find myself in the same situation. I have written an essay, but I want  make my results available  a wider. Audience by presenting them at a conference. I am an applied environmental scientist, and I have the feeling that this is common practice in this area.  A journal article should address these shortcomings and present the full argument in the right context.

    The aim of this political website is to reduce or eliminate a lot of confusion in our community regarding whether a conference paper in a journal article can or vice versa by formulating a clear policy. The following guidelines for IEEE transactions,communications are in line with the IEEE Directive. And the COMSOC Directive which encourages authors to submit papers as a branch of their conference contributions.  ComSoc has no quantitative threshold to determine whether a submitted manuscript contains enough material to be a conference paper.