How easy is it to convert Quicken to QuickBooks?

  • Quicken and QuickBooks have financed accounting software developed by the same company, Intuit Inc., but they are vastly different due to their cutting-edge features. QuickBooks is a third-party program best suited for personal accounting and budgeting.


    If your company uses Quicken but wants to convert Quicken to QuickBooks, You do not have to lose any critical Quicken data. Quicken to QuickBooks conversion is simple with the QuickBooks program's conversion tool.


    Quicken tools address account balances, loans, and other aspects of personal finance. Converting data from Quicken to QuickBooks is simple, but restoring data from QuickBooks to Quicken home and business is nearly impossible. So let's get started learning more.

    Considerations Before converting Quicken to Quickbooks?


    Quicken to Quickbooks Convert is a one-way process. It means that once a Quicken file has been converted, it cannot be reversed, and you will no longer be able to use it in Quicken.

    Before beginning any conversion, please backup the Quicken data file, as you may need to access it in Quicken software.

    It is better to start from scratch to avoid problems when converting Quicken data to QuickBooks.

    Finally, if you use Quicken software on a Mac, you must first convert Quicken Mac files to Windows files because only Quicken Windows files can be imported.

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    What steps are involved in converting Quicken to Quickbooks?

    Here are the steps you should take to convert Quicken data to QuickBooks. Let us take a look:


    Step 1: Open Quicken Converter.

    You should ensure that you do not have another version installed before using this tool. If you have, make sure to uninstall it from the system before downloading the correct one from the list below:


    You must download the version of the converter tool that corresponds to the year version of QuickBooks desktop:


    1. Convert Quicken 2022
    2. Convert Quicken 2021
    3. Convert Quicken 2020
    4. Convert Quicken 2019
    5. Convert Quicken 2018
    6. Convert Quicken 2017

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    In the process of Convert quicken to Quickbooks, you must install and convert it by following the steps below:


    1. Start the downloaded Quicken Converter at the start, then click Next.
    2. You must now select I accept the license agreement terms and then press the Next icon.
    3. To begin installing the Quicken Converter, select the Next tab and Install.
    4. Then click Finish after selecting Launch Quicken Converter.
    5. Afterward, establish I transfer data from Quicken for Windows and Get Started.
    6. Additionally, choose to Open a data file on this computer, then select the File option.
    7. Browse your Quicken file (.QDF) and click the OK button.
    8. Then, click Convert and then the OK button.
    9. Finally, tap Exit after clicking Save to save your new Quicken Data File (.QDF) file.

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    Do you still need help convert Quicken to Quickbooks, or are you looking for professional assistance? Not to worry, there is a solution. Dealing with personal financial issues becomes extremely difficult if you lose your vital Quicken data. To avoid this, dial our Toll-Free number to be connected with our certified Quicken experts, who are always available to assist you whenever you need it.