Top 5 Most Useful Tools in Photoshop

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    Photoshop is is widely used in different fields and industries whether it is graphic designing, video editing, photography, or web design. It is used to prepare the layout and structure of the website. It is considered the most powerful as well as the primary tool to craft digital images. It allows the users to be creative to the extreme and advanced level and design beautiful graphics. The features and tools that you get offer you different ideas and the idea of creating the same design in multiple ways. 

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    Let’s discuss about different tools in Photoshop.

    • Type Tool

    The Type tool in photoshop is a feature that allows users to add text to the graphic. Text is added on multiple graphics such as banners, posters, and invitation cards. Sometimes, texts are added to graphics in a different way that looks very appealing. This is all because of Photoshop as it offers you the features to customize the text. The settings of the Type tool allow to you customize images according to your choice.

    • Pen Tool

    With the help of the pen tool, you can create straight as well as curved paths. It is the best way to create selections than created using a brush tool and pen tool. There are anchor points in the pen tool that define the vectors of the curve. This curve passes mainly through the anchor points and is known as a path. 

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    • Brush Tool 

    Brush tool is another used tool in Photoshop. It is a drawing tool that acts as a painting tool and allows you to paint on different layers. The different settings in the brush tool can be used to customize according to your comfort and conditions as you need. It is easier to use as compared to other tools as all you need to do is choose the brush tool from the panel and drag it to paint the layer you want in the document.

    • Gradient Tool

    The gradient tool in Photoshop is mostly used to prepare backgrounds. It is used to blend different colours as well as transparency. There are different kinds of gradient tools that can be used based on your need and how you want to use them. The different types of gradient tools include radial, linear, angle, diamond, or reflected. A gradient tool can add depth to your graphics and make them look more natural by blending different colours.

    • Clone Stamp Tool

    The Clone Stamp Tool is also an important tool in Photoshop that is used to create a copy of a particular object. It is primarily used to remove unwanted areas of an image and also to copy one area of the image to other. It allows the image editing to look more subtle and natural. This kind of image editing if done with other tools are visible to the viewers. Therefore, it is an important tool to hide unwanted items and improve and retouch images.

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