How to Get Valorant Knight's Market Buddy for Free

  • Valorant Chapter 7 Chapter 2 has just released some fresh cosmetics and weapon skins. The Battle Pass offers a cost-effective option for some great skins, and if there's no Dauntless Night Market in September, getting a Battle Pass skin might be the only way to save your Veep. Those willing to spend more currency can now purchase the Empire Bundle inspired by the Water Dragon King.

    The new update also partners with Amazon Prime to offer a free gun buddy called Knight's Market Buddy. The tagline is: "Bring an arsenal to the fight with Knight Market Partners." Gunmates are the two swords behind a gold and black shield. The center of the shield radiates the light of a red gem.

    How to Get Valorant Knight's Market Buddy for Free

    To get Valorant Knight's Market Buddy for free, players must first have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership to be eligible for Prime Gaming rewards. Having good Valorant Smurf Accounts is also important.

    Then, head over to the Valorant Prime Gaming page to check out Gun Buddy. Before you can receive rewards, you must link your Riot Games account to your Amazon Prime account. Then, click "Claim Now" to get the Knight Market Buddy in Valorant.

    Restart the game and the cosmetics will appear in Valorant, available for equipping.

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