How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12152?

  • Finding a problem in updating the payroll and getting an error 12152? Today, here we are talking about the QuickBooks error 12152, the most common error seen by the users due to the network issue. It directly or indirectly impacts many functions of QuickBooks, like updating, downloading, or uploading files.

    However, it is crucial to eliminate the error with proper precautions and procedures to maintain the private files’ security. Also, if any forceful action is taken against this error, it can eliminate the necessary files from your QuickBooks desktop. So further, in this article, we will address QuickBooks payroll error 12152 and the precautions and procedures to stop it.

    About the QuickBooks Update Error 12152

    Error 12152 directly impacts the QuickBooks payroll files and updating processes. It appears due to the lack of internet access to its minimum extent. When your internet service provider is not providing sufficient speed for the QuickBooks application to function, the distortion between the network and the software will always result in errors like 12152.

    This error will never allow the user to update the files or download the data from QuickBooks because of the poor server network. Sometimes, if you forcefully try to download the files, it can be corrupted or can also delete the necessary file from the system.

    Factors affecting QuickBooks error code 12152

    • Misconfiguration in the internet setting.
    • The system runs on the older version of QuickBooks, which cannot access the payroll file’s updating process.
    • The QuickBooks application cannot identify the licence data to run the advanced function.
    • When your system has a harmful virus or Malware, it will misbehave during the downloading process and also reduce the speed of the internet.
    • There can be a possibility that this error can occur due to issues with the window registry files.
    • When your system automatically shuts down during the updating process, it can cause trouble like error 12152.

    Procedure to Fix the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12152

    Following are the DIY methods in order to resolve the QuickBooks payroll error 12152:

    Procedure 1: Uninstalling and Reinstalling the QuickBooks Application

    The quickest procedure can be effective if you cannot update and download the file in QuickBooks.

    • First, you must uninstall the QuickBooks through the control panel.
    • You will see options to uninstall the programs.
    • Select the QuickBooks application and uninstall it by pressing double left click.

    • Once you uninstall the application, to take a safety measure, always be started on the computer so that any residual file from the QuickBooks is also eliminated by restarting the system.
    • Now visit the official website of intuit to download the current version of QuickBooks.
    • Install the QuickBooks software on your computer.
    • When you start the QuickBooks software appreciation, always select the scan option, which can be crucial to eliminate any defective files.
    • Wait until the process finishes; if there is any error available, then select the option Repair all.
    • In the end, you will see you can update and process the QuickBooks without error 12152.

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    Procedure 2: Internet setting

    In most cases, you can disrupt internet settings for many reasons, which can lead to the malfunctioning of the QuickBooks application due to insufficient speed required by the software to function.

    • You can begin this internet setting procedure by tapping the Windows button on the keyboard.
    • Now enter the Control panel.
    • Insert control panel. You will see Internet options.
    • A short new tab will open containing information about internet properties.
    • Choose advanced options in the internet properties.
    • Below the multiple options, you will see the restore advanced settings option.

    • This option will set the internet setting to default, and the system will be able to function at its best.
    • In the end, follow the apply and ok button.

    Procedure 3: Date and time setting

    • First, you have to ensure that the date and time in your system are correct or not.
    • If the system shows a wrong statement, click on the date and time.
    • You will find an option to change the date and time settings.

    • There are two procedures to fix the time: first, you can manually set the time, or second, you can reset the time zone with the help of the internet.
    • After updating the date and time, you can restart your computer.
    • Again, verify the date and time. If it is correct, then launch the QuickBooks application.


    This error can frequently appear on the user’s screen when trying to update the payroll or facing internet issues. These are a few procedures that can efficiently eliminate the QuickBooks payroll error 12152.

    To take direct assistance from our QuickBooks error support experts, you can call us on the toll-free number i.e., 1-800-615-2347 or share your query regarding the error to is via our Live chat support option. We ensure that one of the best representatives will help you eliminate the error.