How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 6073, 99001?

  • QuickBooks is one of small businesses' most popular and widely used accounting software. And it captures nearly three-fourths of the market. It is prevalent among accountants and bookkeepers.

    If you use QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, then more than one user can access the company file simultaneously if they have the necessary file access rights. You might face an error while opening the company file: QuickBooks Error 6073 and 99001. The error message displayed with the same is “QuickBooks is unable to open this company file. Another user may have opened it” Error codes: (-6073, -99001).

    This blog intends to walk you through troubleshooting QuickBooks error 6073. Read the full blog for detailed instructions, and share your comments if you’ve anything to discuss.

    What is QuickBooks Error 6073?

    QuickBooks faces a standard set of issues that usually arise when the user tries to access their company file. These are known as the 6000 series of errors, and QuickBooks Error 6073 is a part of it.

    The error is provoked when any other workstation attempts to open the data file in a single-user mode. Thus, the multi-user hosting settings must be configured appropriately, the failure of which might lead to the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 6073.

    What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6073?

    Here are some standard ways to recognize QuickBooks Error 6073; however, there can be other symptoms indicating the error depending on your version of the QB (QuickBooks) program:

    ● The application will not respond actively to user requests

    ● Windows screen may become greyed out or reflect a glitch on it

    ● The system may also shut down suddenly and stay frozen despite rebooting

    ● The user will face difficulty in switching windows between different applications

    ● Inability to uninstall or update QB Desktop

    Steps to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6073:

    Fix 1: Fix the Company File with QuickBooks File Doctor

    If your company file is damaged, you must use QuickBooks File Doctor. QuickBooks File Doctor can fix all the problems concerning your company file; for this, you must download the utility from the Intuit official website and run it. This will automatically detect errors and diagnose the same.

    Fix 2: Fix the 6073 Error Manually

    Depending on the case, you face several situations when you face this problem; you must proceed further with the appropriate troubleshooting measure.

    Situation 1- Opening Company files in single-user mode on another PC:

    ● Close QB Desktop on all the systems

    ● Run company file through the host system

    ● Move to the File tab and turn on the Multi-User mode

    ● Reboot all the systems

    Situation 2- When your file is opened in the Host computer yet is in single-user mode:

    ● Then, close and re-open the company file.

    ● Click on the Open or Restore Company tool from the File tab

    ● Run the company file and tap on Next

    ● Choose the company file you need to access

    ● Click on ‘Open in Multi-User Mode.

    Fix 3: Type another Name for the Network Data File With .ND Extension

    .ND files are QuickBooks network files that allow the software to run the company files. If your network data file is corrupt and damaged, you are first required to fix QuickBooks Error 6073.

    ● Double-click on the Start menu to run the Windows Explorer

    ● Now search for the folder that has the file you need to access.

    ● Right-click the file on the .ND extension and the .QBW extension

    ● Enter OLD in your network data file end that has .ND extension as .ndold.

    ● Hit ‘Enter’ and save the changes.

    ● Open QuickBooks and re-open the company file.

    Fix 4: Run the Quick Fix my Program

    Quick Fix my Program closes all the ongoing background processes that the software uses and runs a repair on the system.

    ● Start the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

    ● Move to the Program Problems tab.

    ● Select the ‘Quick Fix my Program.

    ● Start QuickBooks and run the company file.


    This blog comprehensively covers how you can troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6073. While we hope this comes in handy and solves your issue, you can also connect with the QuickBooks support team 1-800-615-2347 of QuickBooks if the error continues to prevail even after using the mentioned troubleshooting methods.