Error: QuickBooks crashing when opening| Here’s how to Fix it


    QuickBooks is a top-notch accounting software with an easy user interface and unique features to meet all business-related needs just like other Windows applications. One issue that constantly troubles QuickBooks users is unexpected program failure that can sometimes result in crucial data loss. QuickBooks Crashing When Opening Company File issue usually emerges if you make changes to the program or while configuring Windows.

    Also, having some issues with the company file or installation files may also lead to QuickBooks keeps crashing or stopping working issue. As a result, your tasks may halt and the unsaved work gets deleted at times. It is found that QuickBooks crashes unexpectedly comes up with a “Com Error” message, and this type of crashing error has a different solution. Moreover, some recent incidents have shown that this problem arises after updating the QB desktop to a recent version or moving to an upgraded version of the Windows operating system. 


    What is QuickBooks Keeps Crashing Error?

    Many users experience QuickBooks Desktop crashes when opening errors while they work on a particular application such as drafting an invoice, sales contract, email bills, form reports, etc. This issue can erupt anytime and hamper your workflow. QuickBooks crashes unexpectedly errors can cause essential data loss. Therefore, it is required to diagnose and rectify this issue at the earliest. 


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    Possible Reasons why QuickBooks crashes when opening a company file error triggers

    Does it often happen that you get an error prompt: QuickBooks crashes and freezes frequently while trying to access the QuickBooks Desktop application? Well, no worries a reason like corruption in the company file can not only terminate QuickBooks Desktop but can also prompt other unrecoverable errors. Here is a list of every possible reason that may prompt your QuickBooks Desktop to crash abruptly.


    • The company name doesn’t exceed the character limit without containing any special standards. 
    • QuickBooks crashing constantly issue can result due to damaged or missing QBWUSER.INI files.
    • Another reason behind the issue can be a corrupted hard drive.
    • Due to corrupted QuickBooks Desktop installation or program files.
    • Outdated QuickBooks application also triggers QuickBooks online keeps freezing unexpected error.
    • QuickBooks may crash without warning while randomly working on invoices or Sales Orders.
    • The increased workload of various reports operating simultaneously can lead to QuickBooks shutting down without notification or warning alert.
    • If there’s damage in Windows operating system, you might come across this company file error.
    • Because of QuickBooks Bex Error.
    • While mailing a large Report, working with a report center, or other different centers.
    • QuickBooks shuts down randomly due to the low or sluggish performance of your system and the large size of the company file that your system can’t handle.
    • If your QuickBooks Desktop is missing the latest updates, which are very important to run the application seamlessly.



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    Most reliable fixations to settle QuickBooks Crashing when opening a company file error 

    To keep your data secure, make sure to create a backup of your company file to avoid accidental data loss. Also, check that your Windows operating system is not missing any important updates required to run it smoothly. Once done with this, you can now try these below-listed methods to prevent QuickBooks shutting down randomly problem. Here’s how:


    Method 1: Repair the Damage by Suppressing the QuickBooks Desktop


    • First of all, open QuickBooks Desktop and if it crashes, hold and press the Ctrl key to suppress the Desktop and re-launch it.
    • Ensure that you do not leave these keys until the No Company Open window appears on the screen. 
    • Now, navigate to the QuickBooks File tab and choose the Utilities option which will come up with another drop-down menu on the screen.
    • Tap on the Verify Data option and let the tool analyze the data.
    • If it finds any issues in the data, it will prompt you to repair it using the Rebuild Data Utility.
    • Hit the Repair Now tab and let the corruption in the data get fixed.
    • To end the process, restart QuickBooks and check if the issue is resolved or not. 



    Method 2: Get the Latest Updates Installed and upgrade the QuickBooks Desktop version 


    • In the inception, you need to locate and right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon on your Windows Desktop and choose Run as an Administrator.
    • Once prompted, enter the login credentials and press the Enter tab.
    • Now, head to the Help tab and choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop option, and this will open the QuickBooks Update window.
    • After that, hover over the Update Now tab and select the Get Updates option to prompt QuickBooks to download the most recent updates available. 
    • To install the downloaded updates, you will need to restart QuickBooks, and it will ask for your confirmation to install the updates.
    • Then, press the Install Updates button, and your QuickBooks will get updated as soon as the updates are installed.
    • Retry to perform the same task that triggered the error earlier and verify whether the issue has been eliminated from its root or not. 



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    Are you still getting stuck with the QuickBooks crashing when opening a company file error message? Don’t panic, here’s the solution. At present, It’s very normal to bump into such kind of unspecified technical glitches and errors while trying to access the QuickBooks company file. Therefore, you can try to have a word with our QuickBooks technical error support team to get your problem resolved with advanced fixation tricks and techniques.