Polyester Curtain Fabric Suppliers Introduces Selection Require


    Polyester Curtain Fabric Suppliers introduces the selection requirements for bedroom curtains:

    1. Choose the color according to the users of the space. The users of each space are different, and the atmosphere of the space will also be different. If it is the bedroom of an elderly room, the curtain color should not be too colorful, try to choose neutral tones, which is in line with the peaceful state of mind of the elderly. For young people's bedrooms, you can choose fresh, natural and lively colors, which meet the age and aesthetic needs of young people, but it is not suitable to choose curtain colors that are too strong.

    2. Choose fabrics according to the users of the space. The choice of fabric mainly considers the sound insulation effect and the ease of care. Special attention should be paid to the curtains in the elderly room. Since the sleep quality of the elderly is not very good, the sound insulation and light blocking effects of the curtains should be considered when choosing the curtain type. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtains, the better the sound insulation effect. The material is cotton and linen, which is easy to clean and take care of.

    3. Choose the size of the style according to the actual situation. The choice of curtain size and style is also a problem that many people will pay attention to. In the actual selection, everyone must pay attention to the fact that they can choose the style and size according to the actual size of the window in their home and their own hobbies and living habits. . In this way, it can have a better effect of shading and decoration.

    4. Reduce noise and protect privacy. The combination of gauze curtains and fabric curtains is suitable for the bedroom. The gauze curtains can enhance the warmth of the space, while the thick fabric curtains can meet the owner's needs for privacy and noise reduction.

    Through the above introduction, Flame Retardant Curtain Fabric Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.